Oakroom Hall, Acorn Village, Clacton Rd, Mistley, Manningtree CO11 2NJ

   MAN LITTLE KIDS  4yrs+                        3.45 - 4.45PM

          MAN BIG KIDS 7yrs+                  5.00 - 6.00PM



The Dovercourt and Harwich Hub, High Street CO12 3PD

          HS LITTLE KIDS  4yrs+                         3.45 - 4.45PM

          HS BIG KIDS 7yrs+                          5.00 - 6.00PM



    Plough Corner Community Hall, Little Clacton CO16 9ND

    HS Tendring Voices KIDS 6yrs+      5.15 - 6.30pm


We have FIVE KIDS classes.  

Little KIDS, Big KIDS, Manningtree KIDS and HSTV KIDS.

Little KIDS is for children aged 4-6yrs

BIG KIDS is for children aged 7yrs+


All KIDS groups learn the same songs to come together to perform.  We generally sing pop songs that are word appropriate but are the kind of songs they like to sing.  From time to time I add in different genres to widen their learning of other forms of music and this has always been successful as long as we sing a pop attitude song afterwards ha ha!!!

With the little KIDS group, I teach the songs in a slower and more gentle fashion.  We use actions to help us remember the words and learn how to perform the songs as well as sing them.  I also add in ‘silly songs’ to their class just for a bit of silly fun…which always goes down well!

In the older KIDS classes, we have harmony groups as well as the tune groups.  I try to gently develop their talents whilst having fun.  Just like the little kids group I also work with them to have actions and we work together as a team to develop the performance of a song.  This way it really brings out their artist flare and builds their confidence.  

All groups come together to perform, we always have something to work towards and look forward to. 


 HARWICH SING KIDS – we are a team, we work together, develop ideas together…. lots of friendships are made and we have fun!