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We have classes in Harwich on Mondays and Wednesdays for KIDS, and Nexgen on a Wednesday at
The Harwich Arts and Heritage Centre.
We also have a KIDS class in Little Clacton Plough Corner Community Hall on Thursdays AND KIDS classes in Manningtree, Lawford Venture Centre on Tuesdays.
It is a monthly membership of £21 for a 4 week month but the first class is £5 to make sure they like us first. The monthly membership covers the Wednesday and Thursday classes.  So you can come to one a week, two a week or mix and match to suit really is your choice.... it all costs the same.  Most KIDS come to one class and then nearer a concert will attend extra classes but it’s down to what works best for the individual!

All classes are super friendly and very welcoming x

Hope this all sounds good to you x

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